Get the Right Help, Soon

We know contacting a lawyer regarding your divorce or separation is a big step and can be scary.

After more than 25 years of watching people innocently and inadvertently make costly mistakes and knowing we can help avoid those: CALL US as soon as possible.

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Step 2
Choose a Process, Organize the Process

Your time is precious. There are many process options – but let’s simplify things:

We could talk about DIY Kitchen Table Agreements (but they are unwise) or Litigation at Court (but its structure worsens conflict IMHO and there is little control over outcome) or Arbitration (still a non-mutual solution imposed on your family) and more importantly, we don’t assist people with those. Let’s talk Supported Negotiation.

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Step 3
Work the Process, Conclude the Process

The settlement talks proceed forward in a common-sense manner, but specially attuned to the specific needs and problems of a family transitioning between one household and two. 

Once the participants are ready, they’ve chosen a process and hired the professionals required, we focus first on those issues that are more time-sensitive or urgent.

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Step 4
Draft, Finalize, Sign the Agreement

The Collaborative lawyers, or the Mediator, will prepare a draft of the written Separation Agreement. It is a legal document with many obvious and many hidden requirements so that it becomes something that binds both parties to the legal terms within.

It is not a fill-in-the-blanks exercise, although of course the lawyer(s) work with precedents and other tools to efficiently create a customized agreement. Customized to the individuals and their children and the exact terms of their settlement.

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Final Goal

Proper execution (signing) of the document in compliance with the requirements of the law creates a legally enforceable agreement, captured in paper* form.

The written Separation Agreement is the objective of the whole thing. It is what we seek – the terminus of the journey we can help you with.

(* Well, it used to be in paper form, now we have secure remote electronic signing tools by which enforceable legal documents can be safely and easily completed by parties and lawyers separated by great distances.)

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