Mediation - Our Services

Chris will take the time to assess the characteristics of the parties and the issues presented. He then determines any special needs or features necessary to ensure a positive process, and will conduct the meetings and the negotiations within those meetings with skill and finesse to bring the parties to their best and most creative solutions.  Chris can also help you find supportive independent counsel for each of you.

If this option appeals to you, contact us to arrange a consultation with Chris – but be sure to mention your interest in this option early, as Chris cannot go too far in discussions with either party if he is going to be perceived and function as a neutral.  You may have doubts that your spouse will be interested, or that he or she can function well in the process.  There is usually no harm in inviting them to consider mediation as an option.  The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, and you will end up in another process.

Of course they may be attracted by some of what mediation has to offer and join you in direct negotiations to a cooperative and constructive path to the resolution of your family law issues – one that is generally less expensive and faster than other paths!

Chris uses his skill and experience to bring both parties to the best and most creative solution.