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Upon the dissolution of a relationship involving cohabitation, you and your spouse encounter many new and challenging issues.  Most are critically important and often urgent, perhaps relating to your children, the division of your property, or your ability to meet financial needs now and into the future.  It can be very challenging to effectively make decisions about such important issues given that you’ve never done this before, and you and your spouse may not be communicating so well these days.  You can quickly get into a state of high anxiety.

We understand what you are going through as we have helped hundreds of people transition from where you are now to new independent lives.  We know the law – our years of experience in and out of court have given us the perspective to help you analyze your options and make your best choices from an informed perspective.  We know the courts and most importantly how to keep you out of them.  We can protect you and your interests at court if necessary, but we prioritize our efforts and skills in driving towards a settlement that can shorten the life of the court file.  Even better, if no one has filed court papers, we can conduct the kind of discussions that lead everyone toward their optimal solutions with a minimum of expense, delay, and acrimony.

We are also keenly aware that you have complex needs – and we can build a supportive team of professional services that will make it easier.  Contrary to what you might think, bringing in more professionals can often be cheaper – by shifting parts of the load to lower cost professionals whose skills are more specialized around a particular task.  We have a great local network of quality services, including counselling, realtors, accountants, value appraisal expertise, mental health professionals, financial planning assistance, private investigators, mortgage brokers, and more.

We take the business of serving you very seriously, and we pay attention to the small details of how you experience our services in the hope that this will make a difference. The phone is not answered by a machine unless we are truly unavailable.  We understand e-mail and have personal addresses for each staff person.  If we get a fax about your case, we can e-mail it to you as a .pdf within moments of when we get it.  In fact, any paperwork we have can be scanned and e-mailed to you as a .pdf.  There is no guarantee that each person you will deal with will have all the answers, but we can guarantee that each person you deal with will take ownership of your question/concern and will ensure you get what you need as quickly as possible.  We are polite, we are pleasant, we know your matter is important and we care.  If at any time you don’t feel this way and believe we have fallen below our own personal standards of practice, we will address your concerns immediately.

We also take the time to ensure you feel cared for – we know that this is one of the hardest times in your life.  We can provide you with representation, advice, guidance, strategic planning and support so that you begin to feel a sense of control.  We have an integrated practice where friendly staff and the latest technology make your interaction with us as pleasant, convenient and positive as possible.

We know how important this is – what you are entrusting us with.  The divorce or separation process involves the restructuring of your entire life.  It can be intensely complex, and made worse by the fact that so many of the things you have drawn strength and security from are changing.  It is our job to make all the confusion understandable, protect your interests, and provide the kinds of support necessary for you to move forward.

We know we can help you.  Contact us for a consultation to find out how.

It is our job to make all the confusion understandable, protect your interests, and provide the kind of support necessary for you to move forward.